wildlife photography

Long Exposure Fun

I love long exposure photography. Through the use of filters and experimentation, you can create some very beautiful images. I generally shoot at 20-30 seconds using a 10 stop neutral density filter. I adjust the aperture as I see fit. I came across this icy log on a recent hike. I loved the little stream running below and the way the light hit it was spectacular. You need a tripod and a remote shutter release to do this right. I also block my viewfinder to stop any light that may leak in during the exposure.

This image was shot at 20” @f/11 ISO 100

My quest continues....

Last year, I decided to embark on a “little” quest where I would document, via photographs, all of the life forms along a .3 mile stretch on the south end of my beloved Evergreen Lake. It went well and was quite enjoyable. I’m way behind on editing photographs though. I hope to catch up in the coming weeks. I’m going to continue doing this instead of limiting it to just one year. I will now call it “Life Innumerable”. There are still a few creatures who have eluded me as well as many trees that need to be documented. I will post occasional updates.

Backyard Hummingbird (my last of the year)

When, I get bored, I dig around through my images and find some new ones to edit. I wanted to share this image of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird who visited my yard in late summer/early fall. I often have several hanging around for a month or so as the Trumpet Vine and Zinnias are in full bloom. You may notice the pollen on his bill (this is an immature male) as well as a white substance on his head. The white powder is simply a build up of pollen. Obviously, he has gone quite deep to find the sweet nectar that he requires to make the long, upcoming journey.


What I've recently shot

I find this time of year quite enjoyable. The sunrises are often spectacular and I don’t get bitten by bugs! I also have great luck finding owls. I found four different Barred Owls over this past weekend- photographed 2, passed on one, and had another not quite as cooperative. I also love seeing the bucks strutting their stuff. The guy I photographed had a doe nearby. I got to hear a few grunts out of him as I took a few shots….stay hidden buddy- not everyone is like me.