nature photography

Another Snowy Owl image .....

For the third year in a row, I photographed a beautiful Snowy Owl in or near my native Livingston County. I have shared these images with The Times mainly so that my mom gets a surprise when she opens up the paper. This guy was extremely cooperative that morning and allowed me to photograph him from multiple angles. When given this opportunity, I try different composition techniques. Here I framed him using the cross arms of the utility pole. I was most enthused by his intrigue when my shutter activated. He was as curious of me as I was of him.


Long Exposure Fun

I love long exposure photography. Through the use of filters and experimentation, you can create some very beautiful images. I generally shoot at 20-30 seconds using a 10 stop neutral density filter. I adjust the aperture as I see fit. I came across this icy log on a recent hike. I loved the little stream running below and the way the light hit it was spectacular. You need a tripod and a remote shutter release to do this right. I also block my viewfinder to stop any light that may leak in during the exposure.

This image was shot at 20” @f/11 ISO 100