Evergreen Lake

52 Hike Challenge

I’ve decided to try the "52 Hike Challenge” this year. The goal is to get out and hike at least once a week for at least a mile. The soonest you can complete this is 52 days from the day that you begin. You can hike the same area each time or you can go out and discover new areas. I’ve notched one already as I hiked 1.45 miles of the John English Memorial Trail at Evergreen lake. 51 to go……

My quest continues....

Last year, I decided to embark on a “little” quest where I would document, via photographs, all of the life forms along a .3 mile stretch on the south end of my beloved Evergreen Lake. It went well and was quite enjoyable. I’m way behind on editing photographs though. I hope to catch up in the coming weeks. I’m going to continue doing this instead of limiting it to just one year. I will now call it “Life Innumerable”. There are still a few creatures who have eluded me as well as many trees that need to be documented. I will post occasional updates.

What I've recently shot

I find this time of year quite enjoyable. The sunrises are often spectacular and I don’t get bitten by bugs! I also have great luck finding owls. I found four different Barred Owls over this past weekend- photographed 2, passed on one, and had another not quite as cooperative. I also love seeing the bucks strutting their stuff. The guy I photographed had a doe nearby. I got to hear a few grunts out of him as I took a few shots….stay hidden buddy- not everyone is like me.