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When I was young, I spent every waking hour outside catching butterflies or "saving" baby Robins. My grandparents had a huge cherry tree that I would climb, eat cherries from, and watch the birds. When inside, I only dreamed of being outside- it's where I was happiest. This remains true to this very day. Marriage, kids, and jobs came along. I still loved nature but didn't get to spend as much time in it as I wanted. One day, about ten years ago, I looked out in my backyard before leaving for work and saw a Harris's Sparrow beneath my feeder. This was before the days of smart phones and Facebook. I did post the sighting in a Google group before leaving. When I got home, I had multiple emails requesting the chance to come to my house to see the the bird. The bird cooperated for many as he stuck around for a week. This is how I met many of the local birders. Feeling more comfortable with them now, I began attending field trips and bird walks- learning much from them each time out. As time passed, I bought a Nikon Coolpix camera and began photographing birds so that I could work on identifying them more easily. It has grown a lot since that time. I try to portray birds in an artful manner now. I hope that you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy shooting them.

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