Birding 101



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Our class schedule-

9/4   Classroom/Hidden Creek Nature Sanctuary

9/11 Ewing Park

9/18 Evergreen Lake

9/25 Centennial Park (Heyworth)

10/2  Merwin Nature Preserve (Parklands)

10/9  Moraine View State Park (Leroy)

 For those interested, I will be leading this adventure. Everyone is welcome-especially those bearing gifts.

For those interested, I will be leading this adventure. Everyone is welcome-especially those bearing gifts.

9/18/2018- First, I would like to apologize to the class. If you didn’t hear me early in the walk, I mentioned that I currently have shingles. I felt as though I was off my game and feel as though you guys deserve better. Lets hope for a bit cooler temps when we venture out at Centennial Park in Heyworth. I hope to be feeling better by then as well. Here is a list of species that we encountered at Evergreen Lake:Canada Goose,Mallard,Double-crested Cormorant,Great Blue Heron,Great Egret,Bald Eagle,Cooper’s Hawk,Killdeer,Least Sandpiper,Stilt Sandpiper,Mourning Dove,Yellow-billed Cuckoo,Chimney Swift,Ruby-throated Hummingbird,Red-bellied Woodpecker,Downy Woodpecker,Eastern Wood-pewee,Eastern Phoebe,Blue Jay,American Crow,Black-capped Chickadee,Tufted Titmouse,Carolina Wren,House Wren,American Robin,Gray Catbird,Tennessee Warbler,Common Yellowthroat,Northern Cardinal,American Goldfinch.

9/11/18- It was a beautiful morning to do a little birding at Ewing Park. Here is a list of species that we encountered: Mallard,Turkey Vulture,Broad-winged Hawk,Great Horned Owl,Red-bellied Woodpecker,Downy Woodpecker,Northern Flicker,Blue Jay,American Crow,Black-capped Chickadee,White-breasted Nuthatch,House Wren,Carolina Wren,Swainson’s Thrush,American Robin,Gray Catbird,Brown Thrasher,Cedar Waxwing,House Sparrow,House Finch,American Goldfinch,Ovenbird,Nashville Warbler,Bay-breasted Warbler,Northern Cardinal.

Also, thanks to Karl Hedding, here are some of the flora that we saw….

Jerusalem Artichoke - the yellow flower folks asked about at the end -

White Snakeroot – interesting note – can cause milk sickness when cows eat it and then you drink their milk. Milk sickness is what killed Abraham Lincoln’s mother – Nancy Hanks.

Yellow Jewelweed -

Tall Goldenrod -

Not too bad overall. Next week (9/18), we will meet on the south end of Evergreen Lake and knock off a few more species. The map is below. Any problems- don’t hesitate to contact me…

9/4/18- I enjoyed seeing some returnees as well as some new faces.I like to have fun while birding and hope to teach a little something along the way. I saw the mature Bald Eagle along Northtown road again this afternoon as I was returning home from work. Next week, as I mentioned, we will meet at 8:00 at Ewing Park. Go to the back parking lot by the football fields off of Ethel Parkway. I hope for some cool north winds beforehand to bring my buddies down from their nesting grounds. If you have any questions, you can contact me thru this site or my phone is (309)530-3234. See you all next week!!

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 A few of my favorite people.....

A few of my favorite people.....